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Single Sign-On (SSO) FAQ

Shelby -

Question: Does PeopleMatter support Single Sign-On (SSO)?

  • Yes.


Question: What protocol or technology does PeopleMatter use to provide SSO?

  • PeopleMatter uses the SAML 2.0 protocol to receive claims from an external Identity Provider (IdP).


Question: What Identity Providers (IdP) does PeopleMatter work with.

  • PeopleMatter has successfull established SSO with customers using PingFederate from PingIdentity.


Question: What does a customer need to do to make SSO work?

  • The customer needs to work with our Technical Services and DevOps teams to establish claims.  One key component of our claims is the External Account Id which the customer must provide for every user they wish to connect to PeopleMatter over SSO.  Managing the External Account Id can be achieved in one of two ways.
  1. Using a .csv file the customer can provide PeopleMatter with each user and the value to be populated in the External Account Id.  The file is sent over Secure FTP (SFTP) on a scheduled basis.  PeopleMatter will pole the SFTP location for the file and process it on a scheduled basis.
  2. If the customer has an IT staff they may choose to communicate directly with the PeopleMatter system using our RESTful APIs.  Through a Technical Services consulting engagement, one of our consultants will work with the customer's IT staff to guide them in the use of our APIs.