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Manager Workflow: How are Duplicate Social Security Numbers handled with Background Checks?

Andrew -

This feature applies to both LS Screening and Sterling Background Checks.

An administrator can configure a setting that will check for duplicate social security numbers on existing Background Checks, across all company locations.  This is set up in the Background Checks Global Settings. 

When this setting is on, and a duplicate SSN is found within any location, a warning will display on the Run Background Check tab. Only Human Resources Administrators and higher roles can select to Complete Background Check or Do NOT Run Check once they have evaluated the background checks found.

Additionally, an email will be sent to the email addresses entered in Global Settings alerting them to the duplicate record. The person receiving the email will need to log in to PeopleMatter and must have access rights to the locations for the individuals found.

Your company’s policies and procedures will dictate how to handle the duplicate records going forward.