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How are Indeed job postings refreshed?

Annie -

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Jobs sent to Indeed will refresh in one of two ways. 

  • The first way is by virtue of the Job being activated at a new Location through your Company Settings which will send Indeed a new Job ID.  This will prompt Indeed to make all similar Jobs appear as newly added since Indeed groups them by title. This data is sent daily to Indeed so any new jobs added should appear the next day, assuming the change was made prior to our sending data to Indeed, which we do every morning.
  • The second way is an automatic process that PeopleMatter runs periodically.  Every 120 days Indeed requires that we verify the data we’re providing is still valid.  When this is done, the data will refresh and the job will refresh the time stamp that Indeed sorts jobs by.


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    If Admin tries to refresh by un-checking the job(s) and re-checking them under settings as accepting applications, this will not make the post appear as new.

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