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Application Questions: How do I create an application question for one or a few locations? Or for one or a few jobs?

Annie -

Under HIRE, the Application Questions section allows the Administrator to configure the job application to meet the organization's needs.   You can create a job application question and assign it to only one or a few locations or only one or a few jobs.  

To access Application Questions at any time, follow this path: Settings. Select your organization. HIRE/Application Questions.

    • You will follow the steps to create a new section. (You could also edit an existing section.)  Click here if you need assistance creating a new section. 
    • By default, PeopleMatter adds this section to the bottom of the application form. Drag and drop this section where you want it to appear on the overall job application.
    • After creating the section, you will determine who will see this question on the job application.  
          • Everyone - All applicants for all positions will see this section.
          • Nobody - No applicants will see this section.
          • Custom - You can choose who sees this section, based on specific units or specific jobs.

  • You will use Custom to assign the application question to either specific locations or specific positions. Follow the prompts to select the units and/or jobs.  When finished, click Save



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