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Tasks: How do I create a Task for my schedule? (video)

Annie -

Administrators and Managers can create tasks to assign duties to Team Members when creating schedules.

To create a task:

  • Click WorkSpaces.
  • Under your organization's name, click Administrator.
  • The Administrator WorkSpace or HOME tab will appear.  Click Tasks.

  • Click Add New

  • A form will appear on the right.  Complete the following fields:
    • Status - Ensure the status is set to On.
      • Title is required. 
      • Description is not required, but you can enter one if you like.
      • Units - Assign the units where the task will be applicable.  Choose from All Units or Customize to select specific units. Note, if a Manager selects All Units, the tasks will only apply to all units that the Manager has access to. 
      • Shift Options - There is a checkbox called "Hide shift End Time from Team Members." This means that the Team Member will be scheduled for something like a Closing Task which may not have a finite end point.  The Shift End time would display as To Be Determined on the schedule.
      • Notice that you can create a Spanish version of the task by clicking the Spanish button.
      • When finished, click Save



The new task will appear on list of tasks available on the Tasks page. From here, you can take the following actions:

  • You can edit a task by clicking on the name of the task to make any changes using the sections outlined above. 
  • You cannot delete a task; you can make a task Inactive
  • Administrators can also create tasks from Settings  Select your organization  SCHEDULE/Tasks. If an Administrator chooses All Units when creating a task, the task will apply across the entire organization.  

For additional training on SCHEDULE Tasks, please view the Create Tasks eLearning Lesson: