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How do I add a new location to my POS integration?

Brittany -

Adding a new location to your POS integration requires a few steps, and we'll need to help you through the process. It is important to give us at least two weeks advance notice to get your new location added. We want to ensure you're ready for Day 1!

Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Add your new location to the PeopleMatter system - you'll need to be a primary admin to do this.
    • If you need help, see this article: Add Location to PeopleMatter.
    • Be sure to add the right values to the location ID and any custom fields that may be important for your payroll integration, if you have one. 
  2. Contact PeopleMatter to let us know that your new location was added. We will activate the location and configure your POS integration to work for that location. You can reach us at to get started. 
    • We will use the same POS ID configuration set for your other locations.
    • Please note that the integration will not push "legacy" employees once activated, it is only for new hires processed after the activation. 
  3. PeopleMatter will guide you through one of the two next steps:
    • MICROS: we will send you instructions to install the MICROS integration client on your MICROS server (the machine at the actual location).
    • Aloha CFC: as a primary admin, navigate to the Aloha CFC Activation Portal and enter the necessary values. This enables the activation with NCR. If you need help remembering what to enter in the activation portal, see this article: NCR Aloha Activation Portal Instructions