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E-Verify: How do I manage a duplicate case?

Annie -

What is a Duplicate Case?

  • The Duplicate Case notification warns the Administrator or Manager that an E-Verify case has previously been initiated for this employee.
  • This is not an error.
  • This must be managed by the Administrator or Manager.
  • This status appears once the I-9 is completed and submitted to E-Verify. The administrator will see the following message:



To manage a Duplicate Case:

  • Click Actions.
  • There are four options:
    1. View Duplicates
    2. View & Edit Duplicate Case Details
    3. Continue With Duplicate Case
    4. Close Case



  • Option 1: View Duplicates
    • Click View Duplicates.
    • PeopleMatter will present the status, case number, date initiated, SSN, hire date, and who the duplicate case was initiated by. 
    • Click OK.



  • Option 2: View & Edit Case Details 
    • Click View & Edit Case Details.
    • PeopleMatter will display the information included in the original case.
    • Take one of the following actions:
      • Send to Employee, if information needs to be updated
      • Continue, if information is correct
      • Close Case, if information is not correct and cannot be updated
      • Close Case, if created in error or no longer needed



  • Option 3: Continue with Duplicate Case
    • Click Continue with Duplicate Case.
    • PeopleMatter will allow the administrator to continue through the E-Verify process with the duplicate case. The administrator will need to select the appropriate response as to why they are creating the duplicate case.
    • Click Continue or Close Case.



  • Option 4: Close Case
    • Click Close Case.
    • If you see that the status is now Pending, refresh your page to see an updated status.
    • Take appropriate action.