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FAQ: What are the “rules” of who receives emails regarding Background Checks with Sterling?

Andrew -

The “rules” of who receives Background Check emails from Sterling are:

  • When a background check is marked as Proceed/Discontinue (after a review or if it comes back as green), PeopleMatter will email every Business Unit Admin with full access to every location associated with the candidate/employee. Therefore, any Business Unit Admin associated with that location will get an email, regardless if they are able to run background checks.

  • If a background check needs review, PeopleMatter will email every Human Resources Manager and Business Admin (and Business Unit Admin if they have that as the setting) for all locations.

  • The Primary Admin will only be emailed if they initiate the background check.

  • If the Business Unit Admin can't run a background check, they send a request to Business Admin/Human Resources Manager and the Business Admin/Human Resources Manager either runs or requests additional information from the candidate.

  • If the Business Unit Admin can run but not fill in the form, they can only send the request for additional information.

  • If the Business Unit Admin can run and fill in the form, they can request additional info or  just fill it out themselves.