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What is the Auditor role? How do I request that it be turned on or off?

Annie -

What does the Auditor role allow me to do?

  • The Auditor role is a feature that PeopleMatter offers as a way to ensure your I-9's are being completed and submitted to E-Verify properly. This feature allows Business Unit Admins, Custom Store Managers, or Human Resource Admins to complete the I-9 as usual, but rather than being finalized and submitted to E-Verify, the I-9 is sent for review by the Auditor first. The Auditor then has the option to view the I-9, mark as correct to proceed to E-Verify, or send back to the manager for correction. 

Who acts as the Auditor?

  • If the Auditor Role is turned on, Administrators who have the Primary Admin role or the Financial Admin role will be able to audit the I-9's. 

How do I request this feature be turned on or off?

  • To enable or disable the feature, PeopleMatter simply requires that your primary point of contact reach out to the PeopleMatter Support Team. A Support Team Representative can then immediately turn this feature either on or off for your organization.  Once turned on, anyone with the Primary Admin role or the Financial Admin role can audit I-9's.

How does the Auditor complete an I-9 review?

  • The I-9 process will still function as it did before. However, once completed by the manager, the I-9 will now be sent to the Auditor for review. The Auditor will receive an e-mail when an I-9 is ready for review. Or, the Auditor can navigate to the I-9 Documentation Dashboard and use a filter to view any individuals with a status of Waiting for Auditor.


  • Any I-9's waiting for the Auditor to review will display.
  • The Auditor will click Actions and select Review I-9


  • The Auditor will review the I-9.
  • After review, the Auditor will click Next Actions in the top right corner of the screen. There are two options: Looks Good! Submit verification or Send Back to admin for correction


  • Option 1:  If the I-9 is correct, the Auditor will click Looks Good! Submit verification. The following message will indicate that the verification was submitted successfully. 


  • Option 2: If the I-9 needs to be corrected, the Auditor will click Send Back to admin for correction. The following e-mail template will appear.  The Auditor will click Send  and the I-9 will be sent back to the manager to correct: