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SCHEDULE: How do Employees see the schedule of all Team Members working on a particular day on the Mobile App?

Andrew -

Yes, you can see everyone scheduled on a particular day IF your company has enabled the Roster for employees.  If this setting is enabled for your company, you will be able to view the full schedule. If this setting is enabled for you, the Roster icon will be available from the Navigation Menu:

To view the Roster:

  • Navigation Menu  Schedule/Roster.
  • Click Roster. 
      • View the Roster over the current 14-day period.
      • On this screen, you may see the following features:
        • Team Member’s Name
        • Position & Tasks
        • Shift Start & End Times
          • A shift that displays the end time as TBD indicates the shift does not have a definitive scheduled end time because the assigned tasks indicates an open-ended shift.