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How do I enable location level onboarding tasks for Transfers?

Samantha Joseph Patterson -

Often there are some location level onboarding tasks the employee and/or manager need to complete as a part of the transfer.  However, there is no need to complete company level onboarding tasks, such as the I-9, so enabling onboarding from the employee record is not an option.  PeopleMatter has a setting that allows you to enable location level onboarding tasks to be assigned when transferring an employee internally or important an existing employee to that location.  

To enable this feature:

  • Settings. Select your organization. → Company Settings/General Settings.
  • Under the Onboarding section, click the checkbox When transferring, enable new location level onboarding at the receiving location.  Click Save



  • Managers can still choose to activate onboarding, which includes Company and Location level tasks, from the employee record.
  • If the employee does have onboarding on file, because it was previously enabled from the Employee Record or because this is an employee originally hired through PeopleMatter HIRE, the company level/I-9 tasks will be copied over to the new onboarding process so it will not have to be redone.
  • If the I-9 onboarding task was activated, but never completed for the employee, the manager will be prevented from completing the transfer until the task is completed or deactivated. The manager will see a message similar to the one below: