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Milestones: How do I configure which Milestones appear on the Mobile App? (video)

Samantha Joseph Patterson -

The Milestones feature allows you to view Team Member's milestones on a single calendar view.  This includes Birthdays, First Days, and Anniversaries.

  • To access Milestones at any time, follow this path:  Navigation Menu Manage/Milestones.
  • When viewing Milestones, note the following:
    • The Cake icon represents a Team Member’s birthday.
    • The Balloon icon represents a Team Member’s first day.
    • The Medal icon represents a Team Member’s anniversary.
  • Simply click on the calendar’s day to view the Milestones. 
  • Note: The calendar can scroll back 1 month and forward 1 year.  


Managers can customize their view of Milestones.  

  • To customize Milestones at any time, follow this path:  Navigation Menu Manage/Settings.
  • Click to turn the milestone on or off.  Select from:
      • Birthdays
      • First days
      • 1 week anniversaries
      • 2 week anniversaries
      • 1 month anniversaries
      • 3 month anniversaries
      • 6 month anniversaries
      • Yearly anniversaries

 For additional training regarding Milestones, please view the Overview & Basic Features eLearning Lesson: