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New location MICROS BOH Integration Client Installation Guide

Andrew -

This document is provided to serve as a guide for clients when installing the PeopleMatter connection software with MICROS 3700 on the back of the house server. 

NOTE: Please allow up to two weeks from the time PeopleMatter is notified that new locations will be added for full installation to be complete. 

Access to the back of the house system is required.  Log into the server and download the installation files and double click on the .msi file to start the installation. 

Please use the login and credentials below to download the installation files that you will need:



password: MICROS (all caps)

The steps for the installation are below:

Before you begin:

All items below are required during the installation:

  • .NET 2.0 Framework or higher must be installed on back of house server
  • Access to back of house MICROS 3700 server
  • System administration rights on back of house MICROS 3700 server
  • DBA user name and password to the MICROS 3700 database
  • Business Alias (You can see this in the URL when singed in to PeopleMatter. It is the one word name following
  • Unit Number (Store number which can be found in your company settings in PeopleMatter)
  • Access to update Network to allow access to PeopleMatter URL

Network Update:

Please be sure that your Whitelist is up to date.

Installation instructions:

Please follow the process below to successfully install the PeopleMatter MICROS 3700 connection software.


  1. Log into the Back of the house server
  2. Download the Back of the House setup wizard installation files
  3. Run the PeopleMatter Back of the house setup.msi file
  4. On the Welcome to the back of the house setup wizard screen select the Next button as seen in Figure 1. 

    Figure 1: Welcome to the Back of House Setup Wizard.

  5. Confirm the location to load the PeopleMatter MICROS 3700 connection files and select next as seen in Figure 2 below.

    Figure 2: Select Installation Folder

  6. Enter in the following information as seen and select next
    • Server Name:
    • Port: 8443
    • Business Alias: Defined as the company Name
    • Unit Number: Defined as the location ID.

      Figure 3: Server Information

  7. Enter the MICROS DBA user name and password as seen below in Figure 4 and select next.

    Figure 4: DBA Information

  8. On the confirm installation screen select Next to begin the installation as seen below in Figure 5.

    Figure 5: Confirm Installation

  9. A command window will display showing the progress of the installation as seen in Figure 6 below. If an installation error occurs the message will be displayed on the command prompt.  Follow the instructions on the command prompt to complete the installation.


  • The installation complete window will be displayed after completion as seen in Figure 7 below.


Figure 7: Installation Complete

Network Service:


The network service on the back of the house server will need to be started after the installation is complete.  Follow the steps below to start the PeopleMatter Service


  1. Open the command prompt on the back of the house server.
  2. Type in services.msc and select Enter
  3. The services window will be opened and select the PeopleMatter Service and right click and select start as seen in Figure 8.

    Figure 8: Services