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Andrew -

1) Get the HR Bridge API activated with NCR and activated in the POSProxy portal; a two step process. First, Customer should collect the following information about the Configuration Center setup:

  1. ACTIVATION CODE – this is the code that NCR provides to customer and is necessary anytime CFC has to be turned on at any location; may be necessary to ask NCR for help finding
  2. STORE NUMBER – number/code used for the PeopleMatter configuration
  3. TRANSFER CODE – this needs to be a termination code that is set up in the termination reasons in CFC
  4. CFC PASSWORD – this is specific to the customer; same concept as activation code – see instructions below if customer does not know (they can reset it)
  5. CORPORATE CODE – see instructions below


Login into Aloha Configuration Center as an admin.  Click on “Store Selector”. This will list all the stores this user has access to. The Corporate number should be shown in (). See below. 




Login into Aloha Configuration Center as an admin. Click on menu item Utilities->Aloha Configuration Center->System Employees Management. This will load a new screen. After it loads click the System Employee drop down list and pick the “HRBridge System” employee. They need to set (or reset) the password. This will be the password that needs to be entered in our Aloha CFC Setting page.


2) After this information is collected, Customer needs to access the link below – the financial admin needs to login using their PeopleMatter credentials:

3) Any locations that have the CFC configuration set in the PeopleMatter tool will appear. If the locations are not appearing please notify PeopleMatter support so that the location can be added to the integration. Customer needs to complete the fields below and click save – this needs to be done for each location individually.


4) PeopleMatter will send the CFC activation code to NCR, if not already done.

5) One information has been saved please notify PeopleMatter support. PeopleMatter can then begin the process of mapping the jobs, setting up the ID configuration, mapping separations (if applicable), etc.