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Who Needs a PeopleMatter Account?

  • Candidates who are being considered for a position and are asked to submit information required to complete a Background Check through PeopleMatter.
  • New Employees who are hired through PeopleMatter and who need to complete New Hire Onboarding.
  • Managers and Administrators who log into PeopleMatter to complete hiring workflows.

How do I create my PeopleMatter Account?

  • If the company requires you to submit information for a Background Check or requires you to complete New Hire Onboarding, you will receive information via email or text message to create your PeopleMatter Account.
  • If you need assistance, please contact the PeopleMatter Support Team at


  • Applicants do not need a PeopleMatter account.  Applicants can submit a job application without a PeopleMatter account.  For more information on how to submit an application, please view the articles listed below.

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