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E-Verify: Administrator Opt-In to E-Verify (Part 1)

Annie -

PeopleMatter is proud to offer an integrated E-Verify solution at no additional cost through PeopleMatter HIRE. This feature allows your team to seamlessly complete I-9s and then immediately submit to E-Verify.

Please note the following:

  • As an E-Verify Employer Agent, PeopleMatter serves as a process intermediary. Your company must still abide by all applicable E-Verify rules and regulations, but PeopleMatter now makes it easy to use E-Verify directly from within HIRE.  Instead of enrolling directly with the Department of Homeland Security, PeopleMatter will enroll your company under its E-Verify Employer Agent account.
  • Part of this process requires you to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with PeopleMatter and the Department of Homeland Security.  You will receive a pre-filled MOU in a separate email that will allow you to electronically sign the document. Once PeopleMatter receives the signed MOU, we will contact you to discuss timing for when we will enable the service within the PeopleMatter HIRE module.  We will handle the communication with the USCIS/E-Verify to ensure your company is registered and approved.
  • What is an MOU? The memorandum of understanding (MOU) is the legal document describing the agreement between the Department of Homeland Security and the business requesting participation in E-Verify. It is a simple statement of shared and agreed upon responsibilities for participation in this government program. Before successfully enrolling in E-Verify, the employer and PeopleMatter must agree to the terms of the MOU and electronically sign the document. The document will then be electronically signed by the Department of Homeland Security. Employers should print a copy of the MOU for their records. 

 Complete these steps to begin the E-Verify Set-Up Process:

  1. Client completes the E-Verify Questionnaire to request E-Verify.
  2. Client sends an email to stating, "I confirm that PeopleMatter/Snagajob will be our E-Verify employer agent, and [INSERT NAME] will sign the MOU."
  3. PeopleMatter provides the Client with the E-Verify MOUs based on the information submitted. 
  4. Client signs and returns the E-Verify MOUs.
  5. PeopleMatter will enable your site for E-Verify and communicate with you regarding next steps: 
    E-Verify: Administrator Opt-In to E-Verify (Part 2)

Please review this important additional information: