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I can't find my applicants/candidates. What do I do?

Annie -

Managers and Administrators may have difficulty locating applicants or candidates in the system.  

Try these troubleshooting steps: 

  • Filters: Filters may be preventing you from seeing specific applicants or candidates.  Click Clear All Filters.

  • All Applicants: If you can't find your applicant/candidate after clearing the filters, you can check the All tab. This is where removed and/or hired applicants will appear. They could have been removed by another manager or administrator, or auto-removed based on assessments results, or removed by accident. 

  • Managerial Positions: Depending on your administrative level, you may not be able to view an applicant that has applied to a position marked as managerial. Custom Store Managers and Business Unit Admins are not able to view managerial applicants or candidates.

  • Additional Reasons: Other reasons could be that the applicant applied to the wrong location or was not able to submit an application successfully. Suggest that the applicant contact PeopleMatter Support for assistance.