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How To: Add Questions to a Form

Knowledge Base Author -

Questions can be added to forms in two ways.  You can create a new question or choose one or more questions from a form in your library. 

When adding questions, we recommend including rating scale questions, as well as open-ended text boxes. This will allow managers or those completing the evaluation forms to provide additional written feedback to support their rating. 

To start, please got to the Evaluation page under Admin Tools. If you are having trouble locating the page, visit this help page

Click the Questions icon  of the desired form.



The questions page and any existing questions associated with the selected form will appear. Click on + New Question. 

You will be given the option to create a question from scratch using the Blank Question field or choose from the library of existing evaluations. 


Once you choose a question type from the drop down menu, the question form will appear. Once you have entered all question information, click Save at the bottom of the page. Please see How To: Set Up Question Types or How To: Set Question Options for more details on creating questions.