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How To: Set Question Options

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When creating and editing questions for your form, there are a wide variety of options available. Visit this link for basic question setup.

Each question allows you to specify the actions of the question. It is best to set options while you are creating the question, but you can always go back and change the settings later.

The options appear under the Question text box, as seen below.




1. Make Question Active

Uncheck this box to make a question inactive so that it will not display on the form. The default setting is Active.


2. Make Question Required

Check the box to make the question required. The rater must complete the question before completing the form. Questions are not required by default.


3. Make Entire Question Text Bold

By default, this setting is on. You may turn this off and make only certain words or phrases bold using the HTML editor.


4. Create Page Break After Question

This allows you to create forms with multiple pages. This setting is off by default.


5. Hide Question on Self Form

When using the same form for Manager and Self Evaluation , this option will hide Manager only questions. This setting is off by default.


6. Category

If you have categories set up in your account, you may assign the question to a category here. This option allows you to assign the form to a category you have setup in your system


7. Question ID

This is an ID you ascribe to the question.  It can be used to pull responses onto the report.


8. Competency

This drop down allows you to associate a specific competency with the question.  Normally you would do this only on a rating question that can push scores into the Succession Planning module. You must create competencies prior to associating with a question. See PERFORM How To: Add Competencies for more information. 


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