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How To: Establish Competency Scoring Ranges

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PERFORM provides powerful Dashboards and Scorecards, giving employees and managers the ability to track performance across your core competencies.  For the most effective use of Scorecards, establish a scoring range for your competencies.



Generally speaking, a 5-point Likert rating and scoring scale is recommended. Rating scales and labels are specified when you set up the evaluation form (see ..) Most research suggests that rating scales with 5-7 points are ideal and that going beyond 7 points can become confusing for respondents.  

Using a 5 point scoring scale, a 5 represents the highest score and a 1 would represent the lowest score. To fine tune scoring ranges, we recommend evaluating the overall distribution of performance scores after you have conducted your first performance evaluation and have scores for a majority of employees. 

Access the Competency desired using the steps found in Add and Edit Competencies

Near the bottom of the pop-up window you may add the ranges. Competency scores are valued in green, yellow and red for easy identification of above average, average and below average performers.



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