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User Roles: How do I edit an existing Employee's administrative rights?

Annie -

Administrators can edit an existing Team Member's administrative rights.   

To access Team Members at any time, follow this path: Settings. Select your organization.  → Company Settings/Team Members.  You may see Team Members as Employees, Staff Members, or Associates.  


To edit an employee's administrative rights:

  • From the Team Member Directory, click on the individual's name

  • The Team Member's information will display on the right.
  • Scroll to the section where you entered Yes for Is this person a system administrator? 
      • You can change the selection of Assign one or more standard system administrator roles or Assign the Custom Store Manager role.  Click the appropriate checkbox.
      • You can change the assigned units and access rights. Click View/Assign Units and Access Rights.

      • Select the Units.  Next to the unit, select the Access Rights from the drop-down, choosing from either Full Access or View Only.  Click Continue.  

  • When finished updating this Team Member, click Save

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