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How do I mark a Team Member's Primary Job and Home Location?

Annie -

Employees can work in multiple positions and even work at multiple locations.  In some cases, it is important for Payroll and EEO-1 Reporting to set a "primary job" and a "home location" for an employee.

In PeopleMatter, this can be done in the Team Member's WorkFile, on the Work Info tab.  

To mark the Primary Job and Home Location:

  • Click WorkSpaces.
  • Under your organization's name, click Administrator.
  • The Administrator WorkSpace or HOME tab will appear.  Click Team Members
  • On the Work Info tab, you will see the individual's location(s) and position(s).
    • The blue Home icon represents the Home Location.
    • The blue Flag icon represents the Primary Job.
  • If a Team Member only works in one position at one location, the Home Location and Primary Job will be marked in blue by default:


  • If you add an additional location and/or an additional position, you will be prompted to select the "home location" and the "primary position."
    • Click the orange Home icon to set the Home Location.
    • You will see a prompt to ensure you want to make this change.  Click Continue

      • Click the orange Flag icon to set the Primary Job.
      • You will see a prompt to ensure you want to make this change.  Click Continue



  • A Primary Job can only be assigned if the Home Location has been set.
  • A Primary Job must be within the Home Location.
  • If only one location and/or job are assigned to an employee, it will default as the Home Location/Primary Job.  However, because it was not deliberately specified, if a new location or position are ever added, then the user will need to set the location/position.  The default will not remain.
  • The Primary Job and Home Location may also be set when bulk uploading employees.
  • For customers using an Application Programming Interface (API), Primary Job and Home Location has also been added to the following APIs: Import, Hire Employee, Business Unit, Job Position, and Business Unit Employee.  For technical details, please contact
  • In order to share information with other systems like Payroll or an HRIS, two integration events alert customers when the Primary Job and/or Home Location has changed. Please contact if interested in subscribing to these events.
  • In order to assist you in gathering data for completion of the EEO-1 Report,  Primary Job and Home Location have been added to the Employee Census Report.  
  • The following Administrative Roles can assign Primary Job and Home Location:
    • Financial Admin
    • Primary Admin
    • Business Admin
    • Human Resources Manager
    • Business Unit Admin
    • Business Unit Admins and Human Resources Managers must have full access to the location to set it as the Home Location.
    • The Custom Store Manager role will have a user right to determine if they can set the Primary Job and Home Location.  
  • If your organization is using PeopleMatter PERFORM, the Primary Job and Home Location will be needed to appropriately assign the correct evaluation. 

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