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How is Equal Employment Opportunity information collected within Manager’s Tasks in Onboarding?

Samantha Joseph Patterson -

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires companies to file an EEO-1 Report yearly to record their employment population.

  • The collection of information required for EEO-1 Reporting is supported in PeopleMatter as an Employee Task in the Onboarding process. The Employee Task for EEO allows the individual to self identify race, gender, and ethnicity.  It is optional for the Employee to provide this information.
  • While self identification of race, gender, and ethnicity is always the preferred method of collection, employers need the option to allow managers to visually identify employees who have chosen not to self identify. This option is a Manager Task in the Onboarding Process. The Manager Task allows for the manager to document visual identification of an employee’s gender, race, and ethnicity if the employee has chosen not to self identify. 

Employee Task within Onboarding:

  • The Employee Task for EEO is set to Everyone automatically.


Manager Task within Onboarding:

  • To turn on the Manager Task for EEO, set the task to Everyone.   If you do not want managers to collect this information, leave the task set to Nobody.  Customize is not an option.



  • If the Manager Task for EEO is set to Everyone and the Employee did not self identify race, gender, and/or ethnicity, the Equal Employment Opportunity task will display in the Team Member's Onboarding record under Manager Tasks.  The Manager can click the link to complete the fields.
    • If the employee identified one and not the other, then only the one not self identified will display for visual identification.  For example, if the employee identified her gender as female but did not identify her race or ethnicity, only the race and ethnicity options will display for the manager to visually identify.  
    • Any self identification the employee made will not display to the manager.  
    • The information will not be stored on the employee record but will be available in a report and data export.