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Alerts: How do I set up Notifications for New Applicants on the Mobile App? (video)

Samantha Joseph Patterson -

The Alerts feature allows you to customize alerts for specific job(s) at specific unit(s) when new applicants apply.  Alerts help ensure you are notified of new applicants immediately, so you can contact the applicants as soon as possible.

To receive notifications when new applicants apply, follow these steps:

  • Notifications - First, you must ensure your mobile device is set up to receive notifications.  This allows Managers to receive push notifications when an application is submitted to their unit(s).  On your mobile device, click Settings and then select Notifications.  Locate the PeopleMatter Mobile App and set notifications to your preferences.
      • Custom Store Managers, Business Unit Admins, and Human Resources managers will get notifications when an application is received at any of their locations when the right is on.
      • Recruiter Admins will only receive them for applicants tied to requisitions.
      • Business Administrators, Primary Administrators and Financial Administrators will get only get notifications for the location they are currently in on the app.

  • Alerts - Second, create alerts for specific job(s) at specific unit(s).
      • You can access Alerts at any time by following this path:  Navigation Menu HIRE/Alerts.
        1. Open the Alerts screen.  Click +.
        2. Select the unit.  
        3. Select the job(s).  Click Save.
        4. The Alerts you create will display.  From here you can:
          • Click the Pencil icon to edit a filter.
          • Click the Trash icon to delete a filter.
          • Click + to add a new filter.



For additional training regarding Alerts, please view the HIRE Create Alerts eLearning Lesson: