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How To: Schedule Evaluations by Dates and Job Codes

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You have flexibility around the event that triggers the release of the forms. as well as through the group scheduling feature, which will be outlined in this section. The schedules are run at midnight each day.

Forms can be assigned to individual employees. Click here to learn how. 


  • Only a person with the Administrative roles can use the Scheduling Wizard
  • The Scheduling Wizard is the only way to send Self Evals
  • Managers can assign forms using the Manager Tools. Typically this is used to assign a form for them to complete about one of their Team Members.

To begin, click Module and choose Admin Tools from the drop down menu. 


Select Evaluations, then Evaluation Schedules.


The main schedule page will appear. From here, you can create a new schedule by clicking + New Item. To make changes to an existing schedule, click Edit to the left of the desired schedule. 


Step 1 is simply for adding the name of the new schedule and activation status. Click next to move to Step 2





In Step 2, the evaluation options are chosen. 

1. Choose the evaluation from the drop down menu of existing evaluations.

2. Determine the perspective, such as self or manager

3. Set the order in which the evaluations are presented. 


To save the evaluation to the schedule, click + Add after choosing the options. To change the order after saving, the selections must be deleted and reentered with the new order. 

Click next to begin Step 3. This is where the timing options are set. The schedule can be set as one-time or recurring events. 

One-time evaluations can be set for a specific date, or tied to hire, promotion, or even future evaluation dates. 


Recurring evaluations can also be set by hire and promotion dates. There is also an option to schedule based on employee anniversaries. The final option is to create a calendar-based schedule independent of an employee's time with the organization. 



After clicking Next, Step 4 should appear. This is where the employees are chosen for the evaluation. The selection can be as broad or narrow as needed.

All employees can be selected, or you can create a custom list using the Specific Employees field. You must click +Add after selecting employees from the drop down menu for them to be included in the evaluation. 

 The group options allow the flexibility to choose employees based on a variety of options. It is common to send evaluations to everyone at a specific location or to employees based on job code. 

After clicking Finish the summary page will appear. Here, all the schedule details are shown for review. From here you can edit the schedule, or continue on to create another evaluation schedule. 

To learn more about accessing completed forms, click here.