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How To: Specify Form Details and Options

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The Details screen allows you to specify information about the form and how it will behave in the system when being used for an evaluation. 

To start, please got to the Evaluation page under Admin Tools. If you are having trouble locating the page, visit this help page.

Click the + New Evaluation  or the Details icon    of an existing form. The Form Details page will appear. 



1. Give the form a unique title.

2. Add a URL for an image if the form needs a logo

3. Click to make the form active or inactive

4. Indicate if the form can be transferred to someone other than the immediate manager for completion

5. Set the report option. Standard reports are used when there is no self-evaluation, or the self-evaluation is separate from the Manager’s. Combined Self/Manager is used to combine the two on the final report.

6. Set how will the form be used from the available options: 360 Evaluation, Evaluation, Inspection, or Mystery Shopper.

7. Choose the form Category, if setup in the system.

8. Create a Form ID that can be used to create reports specific to this form.


Once complete, click Save to complete the process.


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