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How To: Add a Sign Off Workflow

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The Sign Off Workflow section of the Form Details page allows you to specify an approval or sign off workflow after the manager has completed the form. 

When a self-evaluation is complete, the form will automatically flow from the employee to the manager.

To start, Please got to the Evaluation page under Admin Tools. If you are having trouble locating the page, visit this help page

 Click the Details icon  of the desired form. The Form Details page will appear. The Sign Off Workflow is found at the bottom of the page.



Click +New to create a new workflow. The screen will change to show the workflow options.



1. The workflow will follow the sequence you create using the Order field, starting with the lowest number you enter.


2. Sign Off Type options include Employee, Manager, Location Manager, Individual, and Job Code. Choosing Individual will bring up a list of all Active team members in the account. Job Code brings up a list of all Active jobs within PERFORM, so you can choose to include all team members with a specific job code in the workflow.


3. Signature Statement is used to include any message that is specific to the person or people in the workflow.


4. Click the square Save button within the workflow form after each entry


Additionally, the Save button for the Form Details page must be clicked to save the new sign off workflow.

If you wish to make changes you will need to delete the necessary levels and create new versions.

Once a form enters the workflow, team members review the form in the order specified. They can either sign off as good or re-open it and send it back to the manager with comments. 

Comments cannot be made directly on the form, but can be added to a pop-up which is incorporated into an email to the manager.

If the sign off workflow is utilized, the form does not become completed until the final signing off has been completed. If a form is sent back to the manager at any step of the sign-off process, the entire sign off workflow begins again.


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