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How To: Establish Competency Weights

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Competencies can be weighted according to the priority you want to give them within PERFORM. If you want to give all of your competencies the same weight, the easiest approach would be to set the weight at 1 for all competencies.  

If you want to vary the weights, you would determine a weighting approach and assign the weights according to the least common denominator in a whole number.

For example, let’s assume your company has 5 competencies, and you want Customer Service to carry twice as much weight for overall performance and the other 4 competencies weighted equally. The following table shows how these weights would be determined:








Customer Service




Decision Making



it's important to assign weights which truly reflect your organizational values and priorities. Getting agreement on weighting can sometimes be a challenge, but the ensuing discussion is always valuable.

Lack of agreement or buy-in can lead to confusion, frustration and resentment—in short, a disengaged workforce. Ensure the weighting properly reflects organizational priorities, and that everyone involved understands and supports the weighting.

To begin assigning weights, access the desired competency using the steps found in Add and Edit Competencies

When the pop-up box appears, add the weight for the competency in the Weight field. Click Save to complete the process. 




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