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How To: Access Employee Profiles and Forms

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Evaluations and other employee information can be viewed by managers and administrators in several areas within the system. Access to these areas are permission-based. 

To start, click on Module and select Admin Tools from the drop down menu. 



Using the sidebar on the left side of the screen, choose the General tab, then Setup and People.



The next screen shows a list of all the people in the system. Find the desired team member and click Edit to the left of their name.


As seen below, the People Profile contains information about all aspects of a team member's history and training. Click the Evaluations tab to open a list of assigned and completed evaluation forms.



The next screen displays all forms that have been assigned, regardless of status. 


1. You can click on the name of the form to view/print the form. 

2. Completed forms will have a date in the Complete Date column.

3. If the form is complete there will be the word Reopen in the left column. This can be used to send the form back to the person who completed it.