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How To: Schedule an Evaluation for a Specific Employee

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Only a Manager System Admin can schedule an evaluation to a specific individual. Managers can only assign to their own reports. Evaluations and forms assigned this way are immediately available for completion.

This feature is useful for follow up evaluations after a probationary period, a developmental review, or one the manager wishes to do outside of the normal evaluation time.


  • Only a person with the Administrative roles can use the Scheduling Wizard
  • The Scheduling Wizard is the only way to send Self Evals
  • Managers can assign forms using the Manager Tools. Typically this is used to assign a form for them to complete about one of their Team Members.

To begin, click on the Module drop down and select Evaluations.



Click on Manager Tools in the sidebar menu to the left side of the screen. Then choose Assign Evaluations



The next screen has drop down menus, allowing you to choose from active evaluations and employees. There is also a drop down for perspective, and a check box if a self evaluation should be completed first. 



Once the options are set, click Send Evaluation to complete the process.