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Pizza Hut: Sterling Background Check Review Folder Process

Samantha Joseph Patterson -

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Pizza Hut Corporate and Franchisee Locations use the Sterling Background Check Review Folder Process.


Overview of Review Folder:

  • Any background check that is not 100% clear goes into a Review Folder within Sterling.
  • The background check data will not be sent to PeopleMatter and the background check status will remain as "Processing" in PeopleMatter until the Review Folder process is completed within Sterling.
  • Sterling does not have access to push information manually to PeopleMatter.
  • The Pizza Hut user must take action within the Review Folder in Sterling.

Review Process:

  1. The Pizza Hut user will receive an email from SterlingBackCheck similar to the emails below to indicate there is a file to review:

    The report for #### has been moved to Review status for further consideration or action on your part. It can be viewed by clicking on the link below.
    Please follow your internal procedures for applying the final score or action to the report. If you have questions about this process or the report, please contact your Client Services Team. (link)


    The report for #### has been scored as Level 1 for your background screening Client Matrix Application requirements. 
    Click here to view the background check of ### (link)

  2. Click the link within the email, which will open the Screening Orders screen.  Click Review.


  3. Within the Review Folder, select the background check.  Click the name and then View Detail

    Three options are presented as a scoring method:

        • Level 1: Will move to "Proceedstatus in PeopleMatter
          • These are 100% clear and are automatically sent to PeopleMatter without further action required.
        • Level 2: Will move to "Pending Review" status in PeopleMatter
          • Something was flagged.
          • This will close as "consider".
        • Level 3: Will move to "Pending Review" status in PeopleMatter
          • Something was flagged.
          • Ex: Hired for driving-related job but has a suspended license, positive drug test, criminal record enough to keep from hiring, etc.
        • The parameters to determine the difference between Level 2 and Level 3 are set with your organization's account with Sterling.

  4. After the background check review is set to one of these levels, information will integrate to PeopleMatter.  Within PeopleMatter, you will see the status change from "Processing" to one of the following:
      • Proceed” - Proceed as usual. 
      • Pending Review” -Select “Proceed” or “Discontinue” as usual.