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Heartland: My candidate requires a Parental Consent form on a background check in error

Samantha Joseph Patterson -

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If the message below populates while selecting a background check package, the applicant selected that they were under the age of 18 on the application. 

The application question gathers specific information related to the background check consent and cannot be found under the "Applications" tab in the applicant file. If the candidate is over the age of 18, then the Parental Consent requirement needs to be removed. 

To remove this requirement:

  1. Go to the "Background Check" tab and cancel the background check by selecting "Remove Consent Document" in orange (shown in picture above)
  2. Have the candidate login to their PeopleMatter account and add their Date of Birth to their "Personal Information."
    • For help with this, click here.
  3. Once the Date of Birth is in the system, this will override their selection during the application and allow the background check to go through without Parental Consent.


If the candidate is under the age of 18, view this article for more information on adding the Parental Consent form and proceed with the background check.