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Heartland: How do I send an employee a Password Reset or view their Username?

Samantha Joseph Patterson -

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If your employee cannot sign in, as an administrator you can view their username and send them a password reset link. 

To find a username:

  • Search for the applicant, candidate, or employee and click on their name
  • In their file, under their name, you can see "Username:..." 
  • This is the username they need to login with, NOT their email address if it is different
  • In the case "Username:..." is not listed, look for a link that says "Create Account"
    • Depending on administrative rights, the manager may or may not have access to send the link

The email address on file is the default username if an account is not yet created. Managers can send a password reset link and have the employee login with their email as their username

To send a password reset link:

  • Search the employee’s name in the name search bar and click on their name to be brought to this profile.
  • Under the employee’s name on the left, click "Send Reset Password Email" Then click "Yes, Send Email" on the pop-up box.


This will send a message to this team member with instructions for how to reset the password associated with their account.