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Error Message on any blocking action item: Employees and/or Candidates (Resolved)

Amy -


ISSUE: Employees and/or Candidates are receiving a Server Error/Runtime Error during following actions: create account, edit I9, action item, email links to create account or access onboarding

HOW IT'S MANIFESTED:  This error occurs when a new employee attempts to save the account creation information. It also occurs when clicking the email link to create a new account or access onboarding

ROOT CAUSE: There is an issue with the Terms & Conditions. Any candidate/employee that has not already signed the T&C will receive this error.

WORK AROUND: There is no work around at this time. Our team is aware of the issue and working to resolve it. We will update this article on the hour.



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    As of 12:35PM EST, our team has found the root cause. It is being tested and will be fixed as soon as possible. I will provide another update no later then 1:30PM EST.

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    As of 1:35PM EST, our team is continuing to test the fix for this issue. We will have to deploy a patch for resolve it completely. This patch would be deployed in the early morning of 12/30 at the latest. Next update in 3-4 hours.

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    Our team is still working on the specific time to deploy the fix to the PeopleMatter Production site. Next update will provide a time.