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Sterling Background Check is still in progress (Resolved)

Amy -

What is happening:

Some customers using Sterling background check packages are seeing background checks still processing in PeopleMatter after receiving an email from Sterling that the background screens are ready for review.

Root Cause:

A change to Sterling's Review Process may have caused a bug that requires action by the customer in order for the background check to process.

What to do:

Until this is resolved by Sterling, you will need to review the background checks in Sterling before the data can be sent to PeopleMatter. 

For more information on the Sterling Pending Review Folder process (including how to review), click here.

Timeline of Fix:

PeopleMatter is working closely with Sterling to determine when this will be resolved. Please follow the Current Known Issues section in order to received automatic updates.



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    This issue has been resolved a of February 11, 2016. However, there are certain checks requested between December 10 and February 11 which are still in a processing status. These checks will need to be addressed through the Sterling portal. Instructions on this process can be found here:

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    UPDATE. The cutoff date for affected checks is March 10, 2016. Any checks requested on, or after, this date will not be affected. Any checks requested during the interruption which are not 100% clear will require action through the Sterling portal. Please refer to this article for instruction on this process: