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General Information and Overview

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This article is to give you a general idea of the workflow and setup of the PERFORM module. We will go over common features and icons used through the module.

As you may already know, PERFORM is separate from all other PeopleMatter modules. To access the other modules from within PERFORM, click the "Return to PeopleMatter" button in the top, left corner of the page.

On Every Page

Section Header - Displays title of current section selection

Sidebar - changes appearance depending on which module is selected

Module Menu - Allows you to switch to available modules at any time

Pending Items* - Only appears when the user has items due, such as evaluations or approval


Sometimes links will be as simple as an underlined word, such as Edit or Delete. Other times, these actions are represented with icons. These are icons you may see:




Clicking this icon will delete the item on the same line.



This appears in the Evaluation section. By clicking you open a page to view and edit the details associated with the form on the same line.


This appears in the Evaluation section. By clicking you open a page to view a list of questions associated with the form on the same line.



This appears in the Evaluation section. By clicking you create a copy of the form on the same line. The copy will have the same name as the original form, with "Copy of" added to the beginning of the title.



Clicking this icon will bring you to the live form connected with the line item.


Any complete form available for viewing can be accessed by clicking this icon on the item line.


New Item

This icon appears at the top of most sections and will open a form to create a new item within the section.



This icon appears on pages where you are pulling information, such as an employee name. The information won't be added to your search/query/form until you press this button.



All search boxes include the filter options, which appear when the icon is clicked.


Using Filters

Most sections allow you to search using various data within those sections. To further drill down your search, you can click the filter icon and choose from a number of options. Not all options will be applicable, but all are displayed.