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Heartland: Why can't my General Manager hire a candidate?

Samantha Joseph Patterson -

All generic store manager (General Manager) accounts have Custom Store Manager administrative rights in the system. Custom Store Managers have limited, customized access to the system.

Heartland Corporate Office has given the below rights to this role:

  • Access to applicant/candidate background checks
  • Access to employee background checks
  • Complete Onboarding
  • Set Home Locations and Primary Jobs for Team Members (only for reporting purposes)

Custom Store Managers CANNOT:

  • Add/Remove Position to applicant/candidate/employee records
  • Add Location to applicant/candidate/employee records
  • Hire Candidate
  • Edit pay rate
  • Edit contact information
  • Edit status (Full/Part time)
  • Edit Overtime and Affordable Care Act thresholds
  • Edit hire date
  • Separate a Team Member
  • Transfer a Team Member
  • Rehire a Team Member
  • Create Account, sending a link to an employee