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Heartland: Job Title Changes in PeopleMatter

Samantha Joseph Patterson -

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As of the week of 2/1/16, the following job title changes have been made in PeopleMatter:

  • The “title” tied to the job code OPSPM from Operations Manager to Assistant Manager

  • The “title” tied to the job code SVMGR from Service Manager to Assistant General Manager.   

    What this means:

    1. All legacy and terminated Operations Managers and Service Managers will now show the new titles.  There will be no indication that this titles were changed on a specific date, just a global change to terminated and current teammates to read the new description.
    2. The job code doesn’t show up in PeopleMatter or ADP for the Teammates view.  In PeopleMatter, all Schedules, applicants, candidates and Teammates would now simply display the new name.   
    3. This should be verified by a Heartland employee, but we believe POS does show the job code in the Teammate view when they are logged into POS.  This job code will still show the existing job code.  This doesn’t appear to be a concern for integration. If the name is present, the Heartland team will be able to match the job name to that in PeopleMatter and ADP.
    4. From a PeopleMatter perspective, we’ve confirmed with the Integration team that all data mapping and integrations are tied to the job code and not the job name.  Therefore, no change management is needed on the technical elements.   I did not confirm all data mapping elements with ADP, POS, and internal reports. 


    Time Frame:

    1. The majority vote was Friday, February 5th.  Therefore, the official “cut over” will be 2/5/16.  Heartland will change the Job Title in PeopleMatter to the new title descriptions on the morning of 2/5/16 and the title description in ADP on the same. 
    2. Communication to the field should be sent prior to the cut over to prevent confusion when searching for candidates, hiring, and scheduling.