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Why aren't my employees showing up in our Aloha CFC system

Nick -

There are several reasons that an employee may not be present in your MICROS system. 

1) Has the onboarding been completed?

  • Please check here first. Section two of the onboarding must be completed, including an SSN on section 1, for the integration to work. If this is missing please complete and the integration should work. If the SSN is missing please see below.

2) Is there an SSN on section 1 of the I-9?

  • If not, you will need to request this information either by using the Request SSN option on the I-9 Documentation page or by sending back for corrections. 
  • Once this is done you can notify PeopleMatter support who can re-trigger the integration. 

3) Is this a new location?

4) Is this a new job at this location?

  • If the job was recently added, and PeopleMatter support was not notified, then employees hired to this job will not flow through. Please notify PM support that a job has been added and needs to be mapped.

5) Was there an outage (internet connection, power, etc) when the missing person was hired?

  • Once connection is restored anyone who's paperwork was completed durring the outage will not appear on their own. The system, unfortunately, can not retroactively sync. Please notify PM support to re-trigger the missing team members.