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How to add locations to my MICROS integration

Nick -

This guide will take you through the process of adding new locations to your existing MICROS integration. 


  • Please provide PeopleMatter a two week notice from the time your locations are configured within PeopleMatter, the integration client is installed on your BOH server, and you are ready for the PeopleMatter support team to assist. 

Please use the login and credentials below to download the installation files that you will need:



password: MICROS (all caps)

  • Anyone hired BEFORE this process is completed will not integrate properly. Please refrain from hiring until ready.

Installation and setup:

The first steps will be to create the location(s) within the PeopleMatter company settings, add the necessary jobs, and make sure the location is active. 

Adding your locations to PeopleMatter

You will also need to install the MICROS integration client on to your back of house server.

MICROS Installation Guide

Once the location is created and turned on in PeopleMatter, jobs are added, and MICROS is set up please notify the PeopleMatter support staff

What will happen next:

The PeopleMatter support staff will follow up to confirm the setup steps that have been completed to this point. PeopleMatter will then begin the process of adding the location(s) the the integration platform, mapping the assigned jobs, and mapping separations (if applicable).

When mapping jobs the PeopleMatter support representative may provide a CSV file with the PeopleMatter jobs listed and ask for the POS Job Title, POS Job Code, and Employee Class. This can be found in your MICROS system. 

  • POS Job Title - this is the title of the job as it is listed in MICROS
  • POS Job Code - this is the job code for the individual job as it is listed in MICROS
  • Employee Class - This is the type of access or security the employee will need. this is also found within the MICROS system

Next the support representative will reach out to set up the ID configuration. This identifies how PeopleMatter will assign POS Employee IDs when the employee is hired within PeopleMatter. The Representative will confirm:

  • The ID length
  • Minimum ID
  • Maximum ID
  • Current ID (the next available ID you wish to start with)

After this is complete the representative will confirm that the the correct information has been loaded and discuss what date to turn on the integration.

Once enabled you should hire one employee as a test to be sure the integration is working correctly. After this is confirmed you can begin hiring as usual.