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User Roles: Who can add or edit my Administrative Rights?

Annie -

Due to liability reasons, the PeopleMatter Support Tteam cannot add or edit employees or their administrative rights within a company's system.

Administrators in your company with the following rights will have to add or edit administrative rights for all users.  

  1. Business Admin can Add/Edit the following administrative roles:
      • Custom Store Manager 
      • Business Unit Admin
      • Learn Admin
      • Schedule Admin
      • Human Resource Manager
      • Payroll Admin
      • Business Admin
  2. Primary Admin can Add/Edit the administrative roles listed above and:
      • Recruiter Admin
  3. Financial Admin can Add/Edit the administrative roles listed above and:
      • Primary Admin
      • Financial Admin


  • The Business Admin, Primary Admin, and Financial Admin can also update the locations a user has access to within the system. 

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