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What is meant by mapping separations for Aloha CFC

Nick -

When configuring your Aloha CFC integration with PeopleMatter the support representative may ask if you wish to map separations. This process allows someone who is separated from PeopleMatter to then be seamlessly separated from Aloha. Aloha refers to these as termination reasons within its system. 

In order for this to work the native separation reasons within PeopleMatter must be mapped correctly with the termination reasons in Aloha. PeopleMatter has 32 separation reasons available to choose from. Mapping these properly require that a termination reason number (from Aloha) be assigned to each reason from PeopleMatter.

This does not need to be a strict 1:1 match, however it can be. The only requirement is that a reason from Aloha is assigned to every row from PeopleMatter. 


1) In the example below we have three sample separations from People Matter matched with the termination reason numbers from Aloha. The Aloha administrator has decided to create termination reasons labeled; Abandoned Job #4, New Job #1, and Compensation #5. To align these reasons up with the corresponding PeopleMatter reason the number is assigned on the same row in the next column. 

2) In the example below the same three separation reasons from PeopleMatter have been matched with only one termination reason from Aloha. The administrator has created only one termination reason labeled Inactive #1. With only one reason created, the same number will be used on every row. 

The main point is that as long as a reason in attached with the PeopleMatter reason, any Aloha termination reason(s) can be assigned.