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Heartland: Updating District Manager Names in PeopleMatter

Samantha Joseph Patterson -

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Summary: Heartland uses the Location Hierarchy tool in PeopleMatter to organize their locations by Region, then Market, and then District. The Districts are all organized by the District Manager last name. When a District Manager leaves and new one is hired, or if the Districts are reorganized, the Location Hierarchy tool needs to be updated.

**If the district name needs to be updated, contact Austin Castleberry at the HR Services Center as he will be updating the District Manager names

How to Update:

  1. Go to Settings in PeopleMatter and select "Heartland Automotive Services"
  2. Select Location Hierarchy and then click on the orange arrows to expand the full web
  3. **Never Remove a Group on the Location Hierarchy** If a group is removed, the group will have to be reconstructed and reassigned to each individual location!
  4. To edit the group, select the Orange Settings Button and then the Edit Group Button
  5. You will be able to edit the name and then click save.
  6. You can also Add a Group by click on the "+" Button.