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How do I filter applicants?

Annie -

Managers and Administrators can use filters to narrow down applicants and candidates efficiently. 

To filter applicants:

  • Click WorkSpaces.
  • Under your organization's name, click Administrator.
  • The Administrator WorkSpace or HOME tab will appear.  Click Applicants.
  • Applicants will display.  
  • There is a toolbar used for filtering located under the Name Search field.

  • The following filters are available:
    • Units - Use the Units filter to filter on a specific unit or specific units. You can only filter on the units you have access to within the organization.
    • Positions - Use the Positions filter to filter on a specific job or specific jobs.  
    • Availability - Use the Availability filter to filter on the different shifts available at your organization; this filter will narrow down applicants based on the availability they indicated on the job application.
    • Assessment - Use the Assessment filter to filter on assessment results, which include:
      • Recommend - Green
      • Caution - Yellow
      • Red - Discontinue 
    • Advanced - Use the Advanced filter to filter on the following items:
      • Tax Credit Processing - Not Pre-Screened, Pre-Qualified, Not Pre-Qualified
      • Status - Saved for Later, Removed
        • These statuses apply as PeopleMatter will never delete an applicant. You can use these filters to retrieve an individual whose record was marked previously with one of these statuses.
      • Inactive Jobs 
        • This status will display individuals who applied for positions that are now marked as inactive within the system.
      • Only Jobs "Accepting Applications"
        • This status will display jobs that are currently marked as "accepting applications."
      • Only New
        • This status will display individuals whose applications have not yet been viewed.
      • Date Applied - Choose specific dates.

  • To apply filters, click on the filter(s) and make the selection(s) you want by clicking the appropriate checkboxes.  
  • If you have applied filters, they will appear as shown here; if you want to turn off a filter, simply click the X next to the filter's name.


  • Filters will "stick" or remain "on" for you as an individual until you change your filters.  If you want to remove all filters, click Clear All Filters


  • If your access is limited based on locations or positions, you will continue to only see applicants/candidates for the locations and positions that you have access.