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FAQ: I want to hire someone whose Background Check says ‘Discontinue’ or I accidentally marked Background Check results as 'Discontinue' or 'Proceed' with Sterling. What do I do?

Miriah -


  • Proceed - Indicates nothing questionable was found with the background check and you may proceed with hiring.
  • Discontinue - Indicates information was found on the background check and the candidate is not
    recommended for hire. Note that a Human Resources Admin or higher level role can choose to hire a candidate with a Discontinue status but a Business Unit Admin and Custom Store Manager cannot.

Keep in mind the following as it relates to these statuses:

  • If a background check has been marked as "Discontinue" or "Proceed," you cannot edit or undo this action.
  • If you want to hire a candidate marked as Discontinue, an administrator with Human Resources Admin rights or higher can hire the candidate. Business Unit Admins are unable to hire the candidate if the background check has been marked as Discontinue. 
  • If you marked the candidate as Proceed in error, complete the workflow to remove the candidate and make a note regarding the error on the individual's account in the Notes tab.