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Some candidates missing from the Candidate Pool (Resolved)

Miriah -


ISSUE: Some candidates may be missing from the Candidate pool. Users with BUA and CSM access are unable to see the candidate at all. Users with full access can view the candidate, but only under the "All" tab. 

HOW IT'S MANIFESTED: This error occurs when an applicant has been removed from one location and has been made a candidate at another.


WORK AROUND: A user with access to all locations (FA, PA, or BA) can send the Applicant URL to the BUA or CSM so that they are able to access the Applicant Record.

Note: The Applicant URL is the text that appears in the URL bar when you are viewing the Applicant Record. Please see below.

Support: 132950


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    If you are a Primary or Financial Admin, and also are not able to locate an applicant or candidate, please reach out to We will do our best to locate the individual's account and provide you with their unique URL.

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    The issue commented above has now been resolved. Our team is working on the original bug shown in the screenshot of this article.

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    Jennifer Stalians

    I am still having stores that are having trouble finding candidates so has this truly been resolved?

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    @Jennifer- we had a few issues occur. We will create an entirely new article moving forward. The issue that was resolved is in Ryan's comment above that was affecting ALL admin roles (PA, FA, BA and HRM).
    The only issue that is being working on should be for BUA/CSM role unable to see some candidates. Please let us know if you come across anything differently.

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    Hello! This bug is scheduled to be fixed with our August 20th release.