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FAQ: Why can't the Business Unit Admin role see the appropriate background check package with Sterling?

Carla -

This setting may depends on two items.

User Settings: This is managed in Background Check - Global Settings - User Settings.  The organization's administrator can determine if they want users with the Business Unit Admin (BUA) role to run background checks and/or review background check results.

  • Go to Background Checks
  • Under Global Settings - User Settings, review the settings related to the BUA role.
  • Click the checkbox(es) to enable the feature(s), if appropriate, for your organization. 



Packages Assigned to Position: If the BUA is able to run background checks, you will want to check the actual job to see how it is configured.  

  • In an event you see that the job has "Background Check On - Limited," it is by design. It was designed with the intent to stop Managers from mistakenly running a pricey background check.  
  • When "On - Limited" is selected for the job, it is set up to ONLY allow the Human Resources Manager  and above to run the background check. In this case, a BUA will not be able to see any background check packages. 



Suggested Work Arounds:

  • Human Resources Admin and higher can run the background check.  
  • The BUA affected could reach out to the corporate office and ask the corporate office to make changes regarding this setting if they choose.