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E-Verify Error 00-00829 (Resolved)

Brian -

In the course of processing some E-Verify cases, the case is returning an error code of 00-00829.  The description of this code reads "No Foreign Passport Indicator Must Not Be Specified."  



These errors are occurring as the result of a bug, and cannot be cleared.  Our Product Engineers have devised a solution to this issue, which will be released in our next patch, tentatively scheduled for 6/19/16.  

There is currently no workaround for this issue.  Please notify PeopleMatter Support of any cases which return this error code, and we will clear them once the bug is fixed.

In the meantime, be assured that you are not out of compliance with USCIS while this issue is being resolved.


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    The scheduled date of the patch has been moved up to 6/16.

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    The patch was successfully deployed this morning, 6/14. This is earlier than expected. This will address any future errors. Existing errors will be cleared by our Engineering team. We will update you once that is complete in the next 24 hours.

    The PeopleMatter Support Team

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    Even if your errored E-Verify case returned a result of "Employment Authorized" please double check the I-9 for accuracy. This result is not necessarily a confirmation that all information on the I-9 is correct. Occasionally, E-Verify will correct an error in order to successfully process the case, which does not automatically update that error on the I-9.