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Heartland: What to do After the Background Check is Processed in Sterling

Samantha Joseph Patterson -

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Any screening that returns findings and is not 100% clear needs to be reviewed in the Pending Review folder in the Sterling Portal by a member of the Heartland HR team before the results post to PeopleMatter. For instructions on how to use the Pending Review folder in Sterling, click here.

The background checks are assigned a Level 2 or Level 3 by the HR Team Member within Sterling. Once this action is taken, the background check changes from Processing status to Pending Review in PeopleMatter. At this point, "Proceed" or "Discontinue" can be selected. Heartland has an integration that allows the HR Team Member to select "Proceed" or "Discontinue" within the Sterling Portal and sends that information automatically over to PeopleMatter. Be sure to scroll down and view all of the information on the screening before selecting the status. 

Once the background check has been established as Proceed or Discontinue, a new background check has to be completed if the status was posted incorrectly.