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There is an error on the I-9. What needs to be fixed?

Sophie -

When the Social Security Administration sends the I-9 back to the employee for corrections, it will not specify what information needs to be corrected. 

However, as an Administrator, you can review the information the employee provided.

  • Click E-Verify Cases.
  • Search for the employee by name.  A status will appear on the right.
  • Click the button called Actions.  Select View Case Details.
  • View the information entered by the employee in Section 1 of I-9. Review the information with the employee to make sure it is correct. 


Common mistakes include:

  • First Name or Last Name in the "other names used" field.  
      • Suggest they put N/A in "other names used."
  • Accents in their First Name or Last Name.
      • Suggest they exclude accents from their names.